You won’t believe what Farmaajo said about the 1988 Somaliland genocide

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Somalia’s new President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, apparently has some disturbing skeletons in his closet.

The same individual who called for reconciliation with Somaliland in his inauguration speech on February 22nd, doesn’t believe that a genocide took place in the northern regions of the former Somali Republic (present-day Somaliland).

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Farmaajo received a Masters Degree in American Political Studies from the Unversity of Buffalo in 2009. He wrote his Master’s thesis on US foreign policy in Somalia.

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In his thesis, Farmaajo admitted that Somalia’s former military dictator, Mohammed Siad Barre, ‘leveled’ Somaliland’s cities to the ground during the Somali Civil War – but also absurdly denied that it was a genocide. Instead, he chose to describe the violent deaths of 100,000 innocent Somalilanders as ‘casualties of crossfire’.

Here’s an excerpt of the statement from his Master’s thesis:

“The SNM’s guerrilla army briefly seized two major cities in Northern Somalia – Hargeisa and Buro – in 1988. Barre and his superior American weapons reacted by emphatically crushing the SNM movement. He essentially leveled the rebel cities. Many civilians died in the crossfire; thousands more fled their homes for the countryside, where water and shelter were short”

You can download his Master’s thesis here.

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