Rageh Omaar gets attacked on Twitter for report on drought-hit Somaliland

Rageh Omaar Somaliland drought Somalia ITV NEWS Twitter attack

A British-Somali journalist who originally hails from Somaliland, was attacked by individuals from Somalia for reporting on the deadly drought in Somaliland.

Rageh Omaar, ITV News’ International Editor, traveled to Somaliland in December to report on the drought crisis and how it has devastated the country.

As soon as the news report aired on ITV on Tuesday, Omaar was attacked on Twitter by users hailing from Somalia upset with the fact that he accurately referred to the country as Somaliland.

In his report, Omaar accurately pointed out that Somaliland is not Somalia, and that western aid workers and journalists are able to travel to Somaliland safely – unlike neighbouring Somalia.

Instead of commending him on efforts in drawing attention the drought crisis in Somaliland, Omaar was unfairly attacked by anti-Somaliland individuals for acknowledging the reality on the ground.

Omaar bizarrely accused of ‘promoting Somaliland over Somalia’ and for ‘pushing a hidden agenda’.

He responded to the absurd attack on Twitter by pointing out that journalists – who are not Somali – also agree that Somalia is a dangerous place.

Omaar then accurately pointed out the hypocrisy of the anti-Somaliland individuals from Somalia.

The attacks were soon countered by a wave of support from other Twitter users who applauded Omaar on the report and urged him to not pay attention to those attacking him for speaking the truth.

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Video of Rageh Omaar’s report on the drought in Somaliland:

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