What you need to know about Somaliland’s AWD crisis

What you need to know about Somaliland's AWD Crisis
Close to 100 people have died from cholera in Somaliland.

BURAO – A deadly breakout of AWD (Acute Watery Diarrhea) has killed close to 100 people, and has hospitalized thousands in Somaliland since March.

The infectious disease is said to have spread from Ethiopia and Yemen. Both countries are also currently struggling with AWD epidemics.

Why is the AWD death toll rising in Somaliland? Many say lack of medication and help from the International Community are the major reasons.

Somaliland’s International Partners have been quick to raise concerns over the country’s delayed elections, and have done little to help the country deal with epidemics and disasters causing the delays.

Below are some important facts about Somaliland’s AWD crisis.

– The disease first broke out in Buhoodle (far-eastern Somaliland) in March.
– Over 50 people have died of cholera in Buhoodle, Qorilugud, Ainabo and surrounding areas since March.
– The disease has now killed 44 people in Burao (Somaliland’s second largest city), over the past two weeks. Close to 5,000 people have been hospitalized.
– Burao is now under a state of emergency. Schools have been shut down to prevent the spread of the disease.
– 4 deaths have also been reported in Sahil region.
– Local reports are also stating that the infectious disease has now reached the outskirts of the capital, Hargeisa.


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