Somaliland’s ruling political party donates $70,000 to Burao General Hospital

Somaliland's ruling political party donates $70,000 to Burao General Hospital
Kulmiye leader Musa Bihi Abdi speaking to reporters outside the hospital.

BURAO – Somaliland’s ruling political party KULMIYE, donated $70,000 to Burao General Hospital on Tuesday in response to the deadly AWD outbreak that has left close to 50 dead and thousands hospitalized.

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Kulmiye’s Chairman & Presidential Candidate, Musa Bihi Abdi spoke briefly at the handover ceremony, sending his condolences to the victims of the families, and urging Burao residents to continue spreading awareness on preventing the spread of the outbreak.

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Abdi also urged the public and the media to wait for Burao’s health officials to confirm death toll numbers before reporting numbers on social media and news sites.

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Officials from Somaliland’s main opposition party Waddani, also paid a visit to the hospital last week, donating boxes of anti-diarrheal medication.

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