National Planning Minister announces Kulmiye leadership bid

National Planning Minister announces run for Kulmiye leader
National Planning Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Adan in an undated photo.

HARGEISA – National Planning Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Adan declared his candidacy for the leadership of Somaliland’s ruling political party, Kulmiye, on Saturday.

Adan announced his candidacy in an interview with Star TV, stating that he plans to run for the leadership after the Presidential Election in November.

“I am fully qualified to lead this country as I have served at every administrative level,” Adan said.

“I served at the local level, I served as a regional governor, and now I’m a Minister. I’m planning to run for President next,” Adan said.

Adan is the first politician to declare his candidacy for the post. Veteran Somaliland politician, Musa Bihi Abdi, currently serves as the party’s leader and Presidential Candidate.

If Musa Bihi Abdi wins November’s Presidential Election, it is expected that he will resign as party leader, paving the way for a leadership election.

Several pundits and party members have criticized Adan’s decision to run for the party’s leadership, citing his controversial political past.

Adan previously served as a senior official of Haqsoor, a political organization that competed for national party status in Somaliland’s 2012 municipal elections. Haqsoor placed fourth in the municipal elections, failing to meet the threshold for party status.

Following his organization’s defeat, Adan angrily accused the incumbent government of rigging the election and refused to accept the election results. He also bizarrely threatened to ‘report’ President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo and members of his government to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Two years later, Adan sought forgiveness from the Government and was later appointed Governor of Togdheer. Adan became Somaliland’s Minister of National Planning six months ago, following a cabinet reshuffle.

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Sources within Kulmiye say Adan has a slim chance at the leadership, and are expecting him to drop out from the race within the coming months.

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