Solicitor General says National Ulema Council hasn’t been constituted yet

Somaliland Solicitor General Abdisamad Omar Maal speaking to reporters yesterday.

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Solicitor General Abdisamad Omar Maal held a press conference on Monday refuting reports that President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo appointed a National Ulema Council over the weekend.

False news reports of a National Ulema Council appointed by the President emerged earlier this week, stirring confusion among Somaliland’s religious leaders.

“All executive orders are released to the media via the President’s Office. If the news was true, an official press release would’ve been issued” Maal told reporters.

Maal told reporters that the President established a committee consisting of Ministers and Guurti representatives, tasked with naming the National Ulema Council, as per Somaliland’s constitution.

“Somaliland’s constitution states that a committee consisting of equal members from the Council of Ministers and the Guurti must be created first. The Committee will then name the members of the National Ulema Council, which will then be forwarded to Somaliland’s parliament,” Maal said.

“Somaliland’s Parliament will then vet the appointees before approving the council,” Maal said.

Maal also called on the media to refrain from publishing news reports without verifying their sources.

“The media should confirm with the Government before publishing such reports,” Maal said.

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