UCID party leader supports Government’s decision to side with Saudi Arabia and UAE

UCID party Chairman, Faysal Ali Warabe says Somaliland made the right decision to stand with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Source: Somali Cable

HARGEISA – UCID party leader Faisal Ali Waraabe welcomed the Government’s decision to side with Saudi Arabia and the UAE in a press conference on Monday, saying that it is line with Somaliland’s national interest.

Waraabe noted the historic ties between Somaliland and Saudi Arabia as one of the many reasons why Somaliland should stand with the Saudi-led coalition.

“We have historic ties with Saudi Arabia, Somalilanders have been working in Saudi Arabia for decades, thousands of Somalilanders live in Saudi Arabia,” Waraabe said.

“It is in our national interest to support Saudi Arabia and our brothers,” Waraabe said.

Waraabe also took shots at Somaliland’s main opposition party Waddani, accusing them of siding with Somalia, Turkey, and Qatar.

“It is very unfortunate that Waddani sided with Somalia on this issue,” Waraabe said.

Waddani officials have yet to comment on the Government’s decision to back the Saudi-led coalition, but sources close to The National say the party supports a neutral stance.

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