Court orders ISPs to block 5 news websites owned by Finnish-Somalilander

Mustafa Ahmed Yusuf 'Biyeyste' is a Finnish-Somalilander journalist residing in Helsinki, Finland.

HARGEISA – Marodi-Jeh’s Regional Court on Thursday ordered Internet Service Providers in Somaliland to block five news websites for national security reasons.,,, and, all belong to Mustafe Ahmed Yusuf ‘Biyeyste’, a Finnish-Somalilander journalist residing in Helsinki, Finland.

Mohamud Abdi Jama Huuto, Chairman of Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA), is also reportedly backing the block against the websites.

Over the past year, Yusuf used the websites to make up false news stories about politicians in Somaliland. Yusuf also used the false news stories to extort politicians for money, and according to several sources, was successful on many occasions.

In addition to the false news reports, numerous sources are also reporting that Yusuf is being investigated for having ties to several anti-peace elements in the Horn of Africa and abroad.

Yusuf departed Somaliland in 2007 with his infant children and mother and traveled through the Sahara Desert to illegally migrate to Europe. Upon entering Europe by boat, Yusuf was granted asylum by Finland and became a Finnish citizen in between 2013-2014. Yusuf claimed refugee status despite living a peaceful life in Burao, Somaliland.

It is not known whether Yusuf will also be tried in absentia for extortion or whether the Government of Somaliland will notify Finnish authorities.

This is a developing story. If you are a victim of extortion by Mustafa Ahmed Yusuf ‘Biyeyste’ or know anyone who is, please email us at investigations (at)


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