Senior Kulmiye party officials welcomed in London

Senior Kulmiye leaders welcomed in London
The senior Kulmiye delegation is currently in London, UK to prepare for the campaign for November's Presidential Election.

LONDON, UK – Senior officials of Somaliland’s ruling political party received a welcoming reception from party supporters in the United Kingdom on Sunday.

Kulmiye Vice-Chairman Mohamed Kahin Ahmed Kulmiye Central Committee Chairman Jama Ismail Egeh ‘Shabeel’ and Ahmed Mumin Seed are in the UK to meet with Kulmiye party supporters to prepare for the party’s campaign for November’s Presidential Election.

Hundreds of Kulmiye party supporters were present at the event.

The United Kingdom is home to the largest Somalilander population outside of Somaliland. Many British-Somalilanders hold senior positions within Somaliland’s government and political parties.

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