House Speaker escapes assassination attempt outside parliament building

House Speaker escapes assassination attempt outside parliament building
(L) Speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah. (R) MP Saleeban Ali Kore

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Speaker of the House of Representative, Bashe Mohamed Farah, escaped an attempt on his life Tuesday morning after an MP and his driver attempted to assassinate Farah outside the headquarters of Somaliland’s parliament.

According to police and witness reports, Saleeban Ali Kore, MP for Sool region, entered Parliament headquarters with his driver on Tuesday morning, looking for Farah.

Kore then found Farah and punched him before other MP’s and policemen intervened. Kore’s driver then entered the scuffle with a loaded gun and fired two shots at Farah, narrowly missing him.

MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye was grazed by one of the bullets.

Kulmiye MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye was grazed by one of the bullets and suffered minor injuries. He is said to be in good condition now.

Koore and his driver were immediately arrested after the confrontation and are currently being held in Hargeisa’s Central Prison.

Police locked off the parliament after the incident.

Close sources to Speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah told The National that Koore called Farah on Monday night, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t resign as Speaker.

Koore, who has been a Kulmiye MP for the past 12 years, is reportedly supporting Abdirahman Talyanle in the House Speaker election dispute. Sources say Koore is no longer a member of Kulmiye and was planning to announce his support for Waddani this week.

The dispute between Kulmiye and Waddani MP’s began on Sunday, after Bashe Mohamed Farah beat Waddani MP Abdirahman Mohamed Talyanle by one vote to become the new Speaker of the House.

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Hours after accepting defeat, Talyanle changed his position, accusing Farah and Kulmiye of election fraud, and declared himself the new Speaker of Somaliland’s House of Representatives.

The majority of Kulmiye and UCID MP’s have called on Waddani to accept the loss and to avoid causing chaos. Since Sunday night, several Waddani MP’s have vowed to depose Farah by force if he doesn’t step down from the post within the coming days.

This is a developing story. Please check back at The National for more.

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