Waddani MP: There will be ‘two parliaments’ if Talyanle doesn’t become Speaker

Waddani MP: There will be 'two parliaments' if Talyanle doesn't become speaker
MP Jama is well known for his aggressive behaviour and violent threats.

HARGEISA – Abdirahman Mohamed Jama ‘Hoog’, a Waddani MP for Marodi-Jeh, held a press conference on Monday evening threatening to divide Somaliland’s parliament in half if Bashe Mohamed Farah doesn’t step down from the Speakership  ‘immediately’ and transfer the post to Abdirahman Talyanle.

“Bashe Mohamed Farah can’t sit in front of us. Abdirahman Talyanle is the official Speaker of Somaliland’s House of Representatives, not Bashe,” Jama declared.

Jama also accused Somaliland’s ruling political party, Kulmiye, of rigging Sunday’s House Speaker election in the press conference, despite providing no evidence.

Many Somalilanders fear that Hoog’s statements could come true if the situation doesn’t calm down within the next couple of days.

Jama is often referred to as one of the most violent MP’s in Somaliland history. A decade ago, Jama became the first and only MP in history to ever pull out a loaded gun during a parliamentary session. Jama, who was a member of UDUB, Somaliland’s ruling political party at the time, was never arrested for the incident.

Jama has also engaged in numerous parliamentary fights over his tenure as MP nd is known for using unparliamentary language in public speeches.

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