UCID leader vows to leave Somaliland if Abdirahman Irro becomes President

UCID leader vows to leave Somaliland if Abdirahman Irro becomes President
The two presidential candidates, who were once close friends, are now sworn enemies.

HARGEISA – UCID party leader, Faisal Ali Waraabe, vowed on Thursday that he will leave Somaliland if Waddani’s Presidential Candidate, Abdirahman Irro, wins November’s Presidential Election.

Waraabe made the pledge during a UCID party event in Hargeisa showcasing the party’s election platform.

“They (Waddani) are not capable of leading the country. If they (Waddani) win, I will leave the country. I wouldn’t want to stay and watch the destruction of Somaliland,” Waraabe told his supporters.

Irro and Waraabe, who both hold Finnish citizenship, became close friends during the late 90’s, when they were both residing in Finland as refugees.

They returned to Somaliland in 2001 to form UCID, with Waraabe serving as Chairman and Irro serving as his deputy.

10 years later, Irro resigned from the party and created his own political organization, Waddani, after Waraabe refused to handover the leadership of the party.

Irro’s departure from UCID left Waraabe enraged and bitter, as more than half of the party’s supporters and top officials declared their support for Irro and left UCID to join Waddani.

Many political analysts say Waraabe knows that he is a slim chance at winning the Presidency, and is only in the race to make sure Irro doesn’t win the election and support from the greater Garhajis clan, that they both hail from.

Waraabe, who placed third in the 2003 and 2010 presidential elections, and has never received more than 18% of the votes casted in both elections, is reportedly solely focused on dividing the Garhajis vote and making sure that he wins majority of the votes from his Idagale sub-clan.

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