Abdirahman Irro promises to impose full sharia law if elected

Abdirahman Irro promises to impose full sharia law if elected
Irro says he made the decision after consulting with traditional elders of a subclan based in Hargeisa.

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s main opposition party, Waddani, plans to rule the country solely with sharia law if they win November’s election, presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro announced last Thursday (Sep 28).

Irro made the promise, during a party event welcoming supporters from the Mohamed Da’ud subclan, of the Idagale, based in south Hargeisa.

“During a meeting with the clan’s leaders (Mohamed Da’ud), who are very religious as you are aware, they asked me to impose Sharia law in Somaliland,” Irro said.

“We will use the power that has been granted to us via Somaliland’s constitution, which doesn’t allow any set of laws other than Sharia, to implement full sharia,” Irro promised.

Sources close to Irro say his promise to implement full Sharia is primarily being influenced by Mohamed Mohamoud Yasin, a member of Somaliland’s upper house, the Guurti.

MP Mohamed M Yasin.

Yasin has called for the implementation of full Sharia on several occasions.

Yasin, who was previously a member of Somaliland’s ruling political party, Kulmiye, announced last week that he was leaving Kulmiye to join Waddani.

Somaliland currently has a three-tier legal system which gives its citizens the option to deal with cases using traditional law (Xeer), civil law or sharia law.

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