President Silanyo rejects Hawd governor’s resignation

President Silanyo rejects Hawd governor's resignation
(L) President Silanyo (C) Governor Hassan (R) Rep. Ahmed

HARGEISA – H.E, President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo, issued a presidential decree on Sunday night (Oct 1), announcing his rejection of the resignation of a regional governor.

Ibrahim Haji Ali Hassan, one of the longest serving officials in President Silanyo’s adminstration, held a press conference on Sep 19th, announcing his resignation, after a public spat with Somaliland’s representative to Djibouti, Abdifatah Said Ahmed.

Last month, Hassan accused Ahmed of stealing a government vehicle (Toyota Land Cruiser) belonging to the Interior Ministry that was supposed to be transferred to the governor’s office.

Ahmed, who served as a senior bureacrat within Somaliland’s Interior Ministry prior to being named representative to Djibouti, held a press conference earlier this week (Sep 29) denying Hassan’s claims.

Ahmed told HCTV on Friday that the vehicle, which he used to drive during his tenure at the Interior Ministry, was transferred to Somaliland’s mission in Djibouti legally.

Ahmed also stated that the vehicle is now property of the Somaliland mission in Djibouti, and will not be transferred if he leaves his posting.

Prior to Ahmed’s press conference, Hassan announced at an event last week that the President denied his resignation and asked him to stay on.

Hassan hasn’t issued a comment on Ahmed’s recent statements, and most likely will not, following the president’s decree.

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