Presidential Affairs Minister responds to Irro’s concerns over election security

Presidential Affairs Minister responds to Irro's concerns over election security
(L) Mohamud Hashi Abdi (R) Abdirahman Irro

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Presidential Affairs Minister, Mohamud Hashi Abdi, on Sunday, responded to Abdirahman Irro’s doubts over the government’s security plan for the presidential election, saying that President Silanyo and his government is solely responsible for managing the country’s security.

“We are the ruling political party, and President Silanyo is in his final days in office. We want to safeguard the nation’s peace and do all we can to organize a peaceful and fair election,” Abdi said, while partaking in the closing ceremony of a clan conference in eastern Somaliland.

“The President is responsible of leading the nation’s affairs and managing our security sector. These responsbilities can not be managed by anyone, except the President Silanyo,” Abdi said.

“We are hearing calls for the President to transfer his responsibilities to the NEC – new laws like this cannot be created. This is not our first election, we have had many others before,” Abdi added.

“President Silanyo is our commander-in-chief and the leader of our nation’s security sector. The President cannot be partial while holding such great responsbility,” Abdi added.

Earlier this week, Waddani’s Presidential Candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro, called on President Silanyo and his government to hand over control of the armed forces to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on election day.

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