Waddani pledges higher pay for traditional leaders and public school teachers

Waddani pledges to raise salaries for traditional leaders and public school teachers
Irro with two traditional elders in an undated photo.

HARGEISA – Waddani Presidential Candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro, announced last week that his party will raise the salaries of public school teachers by 100%, if they win November’s election.

Late last month, Irro also pledged to raise the salaries of traditional leaders by 200% during a party event in Burao, Togdheer.

During the party function, Irro said that Somaliland’s traditional leaders do not play a ‘strong role’ in Somaliland’s society, due to their low salaries.

Irro’s pledge to raise salaries for Somaliland’s traditional leaders was met with mixed reactions from Somalilanders on social media.

Those against the idea argue that increasing the salaries of Somaliland’s traditional leaders will further fuel tribalism and division in Somaliland. Others believe that the traditional leaders – who play an important role in maintaining the country’s peace – deserve to have a pay raise.

Somaliland’s Interior Ministry currently pay’s the nation’s traditional leaders a monthly salary to strengthen the country’s national security.

Officials from the Interior Ministry have spoken against the crowning of new traditional leaders on several occasions and have warned Somaliland’s clans against creating new titles for their respective tribes.

If Irro wins Somaliland’s presidential election in November, many believe that his pay raise promise could lead to inter-clan conflicts and push the country backwards, at a time where the eradication of tribalism is desperately needed.

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