Auditor General orders officials to register government vehicles before election campaign

Somaliland's Auditor General, Saeed Suleiman Mire during his press conference on Oct 7th.

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Auditor General, Saeed Suleiman Mire, announced last Saturday (Oct 7) that all government vehicles must be registered with his office before the start of the campaign for Somaliland’s presidential election later this month.

Mire says that the large amount of government vehicles using civillian license plates is one of the main reasons for the order.

“There are a lot of government vehicles that currently use civillian license plates for ‘security reasons’,” Mire said.

“Somaliland is a safe place, there is no need for our government vehicles to use civillian license plates,” Mire said.

“I am calling on government officials, specifically cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats to cooperate with us and respect the president’s latest decree,” Mire added.

President Silanyo issued a presidential decree earlier this month, barring all government officials from using state resources for campaign purposes.

“The traffic division of Somaliland’s national police force has been given the mandate to impound any government vehicle that is not registered with our office,” Mire added.

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