Ex-Silanyo advisor joins opposition party

Irro and Jawaan during a meeting earlier this week.

HARGEISA – President Silanyo’s former election affairs advisor, Abdullahi Abdi Haji Omar Jawaan, who resigned from the ruling party, Kulmiye, last month, has reportedly joined Somaliland’s main opposition party, Waddani, according to local reports and trusted sources.

Several local media outlets in Somaliland and sources close to The National are reporting that Jawaan has officially decided to join the opposition party after a meeting with Waddani leader and presidential candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro, earlier this week.

Jawaan, a veteran Somalilander politician, who held numerous posts under past presidents, resigned from his advisor role in April 2017, claiming that he was rarely consulted on preparations for the presidential election.

Jawaan was appointed to the post by President Silanyo in December 2015 cabinet reshuffle.

In September 2017, five months after he resigned President Silanyo’s administration, Jawaan announced his resignation from the ruling party, Kulmiye, citing his disillusionment with the party as his main reason for leaving.

Jawaan is the second ex-Silanyo admin official from the Arap sub-clan, to join the main opposition party within the past week.

Last Saturday (Oct 7), Mohamud Abdillahi Harbi, who was one of the longest serving Kulmiye officials and a former official in the Silanyo administration, also announced his decision to defect to Waddani.

According to election observers and sources close to The National, majority of the members of the Arap sub-clan, which is the dominant clan in the southwestern Hawd region and south-west Hargeisa, primarily identify with Waddani.

MP Abdiqadir H. Ismail Jirdeh

Waddani’s vast support from the Arap sub-clan is reportedly mainly due to the fact that MP Abdiqadir Haji Ismail Jirdeh, who serves as Waddani’s transitional chairman, has been promised the leadership of the party, if Irro wins in November.

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The Arap sub-clan also has many high-ranking members within the party, most notably, ex-Silanyo Minister, Hussein Ahmed Aideed, and ex-Riyaale Minister, Abdi Haybe Mohamed.

Waddani is expected to organize an official ceremony within the next coming days to welcome Jawaan and other new members of the Arap sub-clan to the party.

This is a developing story. Please check back at The National for more.

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