Hargeisa Mayor responds to accusations from Abdirahman Irro

Hargeisa Mayor responds to accusations from Abdirahman Irro
Soltelco tells Irro that he is competing with Musa Bihi Abdi - not him.

HARGEISA – The mayor of Somaliland’s capital city, Hargeisa, responded to accusations made by the leader of Somaliland’s main opposition party last Saturday (Oct 7), during the inaugurating ceremony of the headquarters of Somaliland’s National Fire Brigade.

Waddani party chairman, and presidential candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro, took shots at Mayor Abdirahman Mohamud Aideed (Soltelco) on Oct 5th, accusing Soltelco of beginning road projects in Hargeisa with the intention of winning votes for the ruling party, Kulmiye.

Over the past couple months, Mayor Soltelco ordered the reconstruction of several main roads in Hargeisa.

“I never would of thought any Somalilander would be bothered by development projects,” Soltelco said.

Soltelco also said that although he supports Kulmiye, he would never use his power as Mayor for partisan purposes.

“Yes, I am currently campaigning for Kulmiye, since I am a city councillor that was elected under the Kulmiye ticket, but I do not use government resources for our campaign,” Soltelco said.

Soltelco also reminded Irro that he is not competing with him for the presidential seat.

“You are competing with Musa Bihi Abdi not me,” Soltelco told Irro at the end of his speech.

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