Musa Bihi Abdi creates committee to lead Kulmiye’s election observers

The committee will organize and prep Kulmiye's election observers over the next five weeks.

HARGEISA – Kulmiye party leader, Musa Bihi Abdi, last Friday (Oct 6), announced the creation of a party committee tasked with preparing and leading hundred’s of Kulmiye’s members that will be observing Somaliland’s presidential election at voting stations across the country on November 13th.

Former Finance Minister under President Silanyo, Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale, has been appointed to lead the committee. State Agriculture Minister, Abdiwahid Abdiqadir Abdirahman has been named Deputy Chairman of the committee.

(L) Samaale (R) Mumin-Seed.

The finance director of Somaliland’s National Aids Commission, Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed Hinif, former senior Waddani official Ibrahim Dahir Dubad and Waddani’s former vice-presidential candidate, Ahmed Mumin Seed, were also appointed as members of the committee.

According to the decree from Bihi’s office, the committee is also responsible for the party’s data collection during the campaign.

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