New paper products factory opens outside Hargeisa

Nuria Products is a new company specializing in producing hygiene and sanitary paper products in Somaliland.

HARGEISA – Nuria factory, a new paper products factory specializing in hygiene and sanitary paper products was inaugurated in the town of Haleya, outside Hargeisa, on Monday morning (Oct 9).

The inauguration ceremony of the new factory was attended by hundreds of Somalilanders, including senior cabinet ministers, regional officials, local officials, parliamentarians, and representatives from the three political parties.

Mohamed B. Wais and Adan I. Awad.

Nuria Products Inc, the company producing the paper products, was co-founded by two Somalilander-Canadian businessmen, Mohamed Botan Wais and Adan Ismail Awad.

Awad, speaking on behalf of the company, gave attendees a briefing on their current and future products and how their company hopes to shake up Somaliland’s manufacturing sector.

“Our products currently include bathroom tissue and paper napkins. We will soon release car tissues, multipurpose office wipes, paper towels that will distributed exclusively to restaurants and hotels,” Awad told the crowd.

“We promise to deliver high-quality products and manufacture enough Nuria products for the whole country,”. “We are also hoping to export our products in the near future,” Awad added.

Awad also pledged to empower the women of Somaliland, and to create a women-majority workforce – the first such pledge from a company based in Somaliland.

“We want to have women account for 80% of our workforce,” Awad promised.

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