SOLNAC finance director dismisses ruling from NEC ethics committee

SOLNAC finance director dismisses ruling by NEC ethics committee
Hinif argues that his Kulmiye appointment doesn't violate President's Silanyo recent decree.

HARGEISA – The finance director of Somaliland’s National Aids Commission, Abdikarim Mohamed Hinif, on Monday (Oct 10), spoke publicly for the first time about the ruling from the NEC’s ethics committee to have him disciplined for taking part in Kulmiye’s election campaign.

Hinif said on Monday, during a press conference in his office, that the letter issued by the NEC’s ethics committee was ‘unprofessional’, and that the committee should of referred their concerns to the NEC’s appointed body (commissioners), rather than sending a letter directly to the Civil Service Commission.

Hinif also stated during the press conference that his position doesn’t fall under the list of civil servants that were barred from taking part in political campaigns by President Silanyo earlier this month.

The Chairman of Somaliland’s Civil Service Commission, Sharmake Muhumed Gelle, responded to the ethics committee’s letter on Saturday (Oct 8), and asked them to forward their case to the Presidential Palace, since Hinif was appointed to his post via a presidential decree in August 2010.

Somaliland’s Presidential Palace hasn’t issued a statement on the current dispute between the NEC’s ethics committee and Hinif.

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