Somaliland delegation heads to Moscow for bilateral talks

Somaliland delegation heads to Moscow for bilateral talks
Is Russia interested in reviving their former military base in Berbera?

HARGEISA – A delegation led by Somaliland’s Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmed Hashi Abdi, is expected to arrive in the Russian capital of Moscow on Tuesday (Oct 10) to meet with senior Russian government officials.

The delegation, which also includes Somaliland’s representative to Djibouti, Abdifatah Said Ahmed, and MP Ahmed Abdi Kahin, met with officials from Chechen regional government in Grozny on Monday, before heading to the federal capital.

SL delegation with Chechnya’s regional leaders.

Earlier this year, in May 2017, Russia’s deputy consular to Djibouti, Yury Kourchakov, became the first Russian diplomat to visit Somaliland in 38 years. Kourchakov met with Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire during his trip to discuss the need for enhancing ties between the two countries.

FM Shire with Kourchakov in May ’17.

During his stay, Kourchakov also visited the Soviet Union’s former military base in Berbera, which was abandoned by the Soviets in 1977 after the former Somali Republic cut ties with the former Soviet Union.

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that Russia has taken a sudden keen interest in Berbera and reviving their former base after Somaliland granted the UAE a military base in Berbera in February 2017.

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