Somaliland, Somalia establish joint technical committee for airspace control talks

Haybe says that Somaliland remains hopeful for a peaceful solution, but is ready for either outcome.

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Aviation Minister, Farhan Adan Haybe, announced on Saturday (Oct 7), that the governments of Somaliland and Somalia have agreed to forming a joint technical committee tasked with preparing airspace control negotiation talks between the two countries.

Haybe, who recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia last week to discuss the preparations of the talks with his Somalia counterparts, told reporters on Sunday that the joint committee will also formulate the most realistic options on jointly-managing their airspace.

Haybe with his Ethiopian counterpart, Ahmed Shide.

Haybe also told reporters that he is hopeful that both governments will be able to reach a peaceful solution and that the main purpose of the talks is to bring Somaliland and Somalia’s airspace control back under the control of the Somali people.

Somaliland and Somalia’s airspace is currently administered by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO). ICAO’s control of the airspace is set to expire in 2018.

Despite being hopeful on reaching an agreement, Haybe stated at the end of his press conference that Somaliland could administer their own airspace by force if negotiations with Somalia fail.

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