Waddani criticizes NEC after receiving second fine for ethics violation

Waddani criticizes NEC after receiving second fine for ethics violation
Waddani's transitional chairman believes the NEC needs spread more awareness about the electoral code of conduct.

HARGEISA –  Waddani’s transitional party chairman, Abdiqadir Haji Ismail Jirdeh, criticized Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) last Thursday (Oct 5), after his party was fined 50 million Somaliland Shillings for violating the electoral code of conduct for the second time in three months.

Jirdeh told Eryal TV last Thursday that the NEC ‘rushed’ to their decision to fine the party, but stated that the party fully accepts the ruling made by the NEC’s ethics committee.

“We see it as a fair ruling, but it was rushed,” Jirdeh said.

“Many people do not have access to TV. Somaliland is not only limited to Hargeisa. It is the commission’s (NEC) responsibility to spread awareness about the code of conduct across the country,” Jirdeh added.

“They are the ones who formed this code of conduct. They should encourage their regional officials to spread more awareness and work with all regional party offices.”

During his interview with Eryal TV, Jirdeh also brought up another case involving of an army official that received an illegal campaign reception in Sahil, to back up his criticism of the NEC.

“UCID brought up the incident during our recent meeting with the EU delegation, and showed the footage of their campaigning. This is another example of how our people haven’t been given enough awareness on the code of conduct,” Jirdeh said

The official campaign for November’s Presidential Elections is expected to begin on October 18th.

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