FM Shire says nasty campaign statements are ‘damaging’ Somaliland’s reputation

FM Shire says nasty campaign statements are 'damaging' Somaliland's reputation

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Saad Ali Shire, condemned the current state of the presidential election campaign in a TV interview on October 29th, after being asked about his view on the current election campaign.

Shire told Eryal TV on October 29th that although the candidates might not understand the weight of their statements, the International Community is closely following the election, and that such statements damage Somaliland’s international reputation.

“Things were going well during the first week of the election, until the presidential candidates started attacking each other publicly. Our politicians might not understand the magnitude of their statements, but it is causing great damage for our country’s reputation,” Shire said.

“The International Community is very interested in our election and is closely following all developments. All of our actions are being recorded and are being seen and heard all over the world,” Shire said.

“We should stay away from engaging in such actions that could damage our international reputation, which is not in our national interest” Shire said.

“I am calling on all citizens, politicians, and journalists to respect the electoral code of conduct and to maintain our peace, and to return to discussing issues of public concern such as unemployment and education,” Shire said.

“The public wants to hear these issues being discussed publicly and a want an end to the current negative campaign statements,” Shire added.

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