Guurti chairman sends message to presidential candidates after campaign turns ugly

HARGEISA – Suleiman Mohamud Adam, the Chairman of Somaliland’s Upper House (Guurti), sent a message to the nation’s presidential candidates on October 27th, urging them to tone down the campaign rhetoric that has shocked many followers of Somaliland’s presidential election.

“Each political party should campaign on their platform, not on attacking one and other,” Adam said, in a Eryal TV news report.

“We are calling on the leaders of all political parties to stop what they are doing. You don’t win votes by attacking each other,” Adam said.

Adam also sent a message to the members of the upper house, reminding them of their purpose of their positions.

“This house was created to be impartial, I know many members secretly support a party, I know many members are members of political parties, I’m not telling you to resign, but you shouldn’t be seen at political rallies,”

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