Somalia’s Foreign Minister says letter of him endorsing Abdirahman Irro is ‘fake’

HARGEISA – Somalia’s Foreign Minister, Yusuf Garaad Omar, said last week (Oct 26), via a post on his official Facebook page, that a letter of him discussing Somaliland’s election is ‘fake’, and highlighted many grammatical errors in the letter, to back up his claim.

The forged letter, which began to circulate on social media last week, attempts to show Omar asking for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar to help his government back Waddani presidential candidate, Abdirahman Irro, in the 2017 Somaliland presidential election.

As soon as the letter went viral, many Somalilanders on social media, from all political stripes, dismissed its authenticity, due to its many grammatical errors.

Below, is a translation of Omar’s Facebook post in Somali, regarding the forged letter.

“Many people are asking about a letter that is being circulating online, discussing a political party competing in Somaliland’s election,”

“The letter I’m being asked about, states that it was sent from the Ministry that I am currently tasked with leading,”

“The letter says it was issued by the transitional government, which ended its mandate in 2012. The spelling of the Ministry is also incorrect. My name is also spelled incorrectly, and the letter features a signature that is not my signature,”

“I will not go on to discuss the poor writing of this letter. Anyone who reads it can comprehend that it is fake,”.

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