UNSOM says letter from SRSG Keating to Farmaajo on Somaliland election is ‘fake’

UNSOM: Letter from SRSG Keating to Farmaajo on Somaliland election is fake

HARGEISA – The United Nations Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), published a post on social media on October 25th, claiming that a recent viral letter of the UN’s Somalia representative, Michael Keating to Somalia’s president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo on Somaliland’s presidential election, is ‘fake’.

The letter, which started circulating on social media on October 24th, features the official UNSOM letterhead, and Keating’s real signature, and resembles previous letters written by Keating.

The letter also appears to be a response to Farmaajo, from Keating, on a earlier request made by Farmaajo to the International Community.

According to the letter, Farmaajo previously asked Keating and the International Community to support his plans of pursuing a case against incumbent Somaliland President, H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo and Kulmiye leader, Musa Bihi Abdi, at the International Criminal Court.

The letter also states that Keating and the International Community have come to a unanimous decision to not support Farmaajo;s initiative, because they do not want to  “isolate and destabilize the peaceful Somaliland”, and because Farmaajo doesn’t have sufficient evidence for his claims.

The letter also claims that Farmaajo and Somaliland’s main opposition party, Waddani, have a common goal of Somali reunification.

Although UNSOM has publicly declared the letter as fake last week, SRSG Michael Keating hasn’t publicly spoken about the letter, nor has he personally denied the validity of the letter.

Many Somalilanders on social media have voiced their concerns over the letter within the past week, and have questioned the validity of UNSOM’s claim, since the letter doesn’t have numerous grammatical errors, compared to the forged Yusuf Garaad letter that also surfaced last week.

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Kulmiye politician, Mohamed Ali Bile, also held a press conference last week discussing the letter, stating that there were several significant similarities between the issues discussed in the letter and Abdirahman Irro’s speech in Borama on October 26th.

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