Ex-Vice Presidents issue joint message calling for peaceful elections

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s former Vice-Presidents, Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah and Ahmed Yusuf Yasin, urged the nation’s three presidential candidates to protect the country’s peace and stability, in a joint-press conference on November 5th.

Farah and Yasin held the press conference, after the presidential candidates began hurling damaging accusations against one and other, shortly after the campaign started on October 21st.

Farah started off the press conference by stating that “Our candidates are publicly exchanging damaging insults and talking about past incidents that shouldn’t be brought up again. This has greatly impacted our youth, as they are repeating these statements that they are hearing from their leaders,”.

Yasin said in the press conference that all candidates should focus on protecting our national security and stability first, and that all candidates should refrain from uttering insults.

Both Farah and Yasin also called on Somaliland’s National Armed Force to remain neutral during the election process.

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