President Silanyo departs for UAE

President Silanyo departs for UAE
President Silanyo is expected to meet with UAE's top leaders during his visit.

HARGEISA – Somaliland President, H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo and senior members of his cabinet departed from Egal International Airport for the United Arab Emirates on Friday.

President Silanyo and his delegation are expected to meet with senior UAE leaders to discuss the government’s support for the Saudi-led coalition against Qatar.

Qatar Airways’ use of Somaliland airspace is expected to be one of the main issues on the agenda. The airline was barred from using Somaliland’s airspace earlier this week.

The airline has disrespected Somaliland’s sovereignty on numerous occasions following the Government’s announcement.

Somaliland’s Armed Forces currently doesn’t have a national air force to enforce the measure, but many predict that the coalition will come to Somaliland’s aid.

President Silanyo departs for UAE

President Silanyo greeting airport staff before boarding.

Analysts are predicting that the UAE will provide military assistance to Somaliland’s Armed Forces to enforce the ban.

The assistance would fall in line with the recent military and economic pact signed between Somaliland and the UAE.

In the UAE-Somaliland military base agreement, the UAE pledged to provide military assistance to Somaliland and to defend the country against ‘all external threats’.

President Silanyo is also expected to visit Saudi Arabia later this week to meet with senior Saudi leaders before heading back to Somaliland.

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