Hargeisa-Kalabaydh highway rehabilitation project begins

Hargeisa-Kalabaydh highway rehabilitation project begins
Minister Ali Mohamed Hassan and RDA officials check out one of many potholes that have formed.

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Roads Development Agency, in conjunction with the Ministry of Public of Works and Transportation on Monday began renovating the highway connecting Somaliland’s capital and the town of Kalabaydh in Gabiley region.

The 64 km highway will go undergo renovations to fix several dangerous potholes that have formed over the years.

The project is being funded by the European Union’s External Action Service.

Public Works and Transportation Minister Ali Mohamed Hassan told reporters present at the opening of the project that more highways and roads in Somaliland will be rehabilitated to improve road safety.

Majority of Kalabaydh’s residents are farmers and rely on the highway to sell their livestock in the capital.

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