Somaliland restarts livestock trading with Saudi Arabia

Somaliland restarts livestock trading with Saudi Arabia
80% of Somaliland's export income derives from the sales of sheep, goat, camel and cattle.

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s international livestock trade is officially back in business after Saudi Arabia imposed an import ban on livestock from Somaliland and Somalia last December.

The ban, which had a devastating effect on Somaliland’s economy,  was lifted earlier this month, following meetings between senior Somaliland and Saudi officials in Riyadh.

Somaliland’s Livestock Minister, Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir, confirmed the news during a press conference in his office on Wednesday.

“Our Livestock is the backbone of our economy. When there is a drought or another environmental disaster, our economy suffers, hence why we are dealing with issues like hyperinflation,”

“Praise be to God, the drought is now over and we are able to export our livestock again,” Dahir said.

The first ship carrying livestock from Somaliland departed from Berbera Port on Wednesday night. More livestock is expected to be exported over the coming days and weeks to feed the millions of Muslims that will be performing the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.

Saudi Arabia imposed a ban on the import of the livestock from Somaliland and Somalia in December 2016 due to concerns about the health of livestock in the Horn of Africa during the drought.

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