Waddani Information Secretary resigns from party

Matan only joined the party 18 months ago.

HARGEISA – Abdirashid Hassan Matan, Waddani’s Information Secretary, announced his resignation from the party in a press conference on Saturday.

“The media has been reporting my frustration with the party’s direction for past year, and has been questioning my absence from Waddani party functions,” Matan told reporters at the press conference.

“For the past year, I have been frustrated with the party’s leadership, campaign style, and political direction. Today, I’m announcing my resignation from the party for these very reasons,” Matan announced.

Matan went on to add that the party’s leadership and senior members ‘are too busy with their own personal interests, rather than preparing for the Presidential Election’.

Earlier this year, The National reported that eight senior Waddani officials were threatening to leave the party. Matan was among the officials threatening to quit at the time but temporarily reconciled with the party’s leadership after reports of his decision leave the party went public.

Matan previously was UCID’s Vice-Presidential Candidate from 2012-2015. Matan left the party after a disagreement with UCID Chairman, Faisal Ali Waraabe. He joined Waddani in February 2016 and was appointed as the party’s Information Secretary one month later.

Sources close to Matan are reporting that he is planning to join Somaliland’s ruling political party, Kulmiye, within the coming weeks.

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