Waddani praises NEC ethics committee for condemning Hinif’s appointment

Does Batun agree with Waddani's transitional party chairman's recent criticism of the ethics commission?

HARGEISA – A senior Waddani official is publicly backing the recent ruling by the National Electoral Commission’s ethics committee, calling on the Civil Service Commission to take discplinary action against SOLNAC finance & admin director, Abdikarim Mohamed Hinif.

Waddani’s shadow justice secretary, Barkhad Jama Batun, called the ethics committee’s ruling on Hinif’s appointment to a Kulmiye election committee, a ‘respectful and encouraging decision’, during an interview with Saab TV on Sunday afternoon (Oct 8).

Batun also thanked President Silanyo for issuing a decree barring ministers from using state resources for campaign purposes and barring civil servants from taking part in political campaigns .

Batun went also called on Civil Service Chairman, Sharmake Muhumed Geelle, to accept the NEC’s ruling of punishing Hinif for the appointment, during the interview.

Geelle issued a response to the ethics committee on Sunday evening, arguing that the case was beyond his control because Hinif was appointed to his post by President Silanyo via a presidential decree.

Batun also accused the Chief Justice of Somaliland’s Supreme Court, Adam Haji Ali, of failing to uphold the law, and punishing state attorneys he claims are campaigning for the ruling party, Kulmiye. The National has been unable to find evidence proving Batun’s claims.

Batun’s is the first Waddani official to praise the National Electoral Commission within the past couple of weeks. Waddani presidential candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro, has issued several statements within past couple of months doubting the NEC’s capability to ensure a free and fair election.

Just last week (Oct 5), Waddani’s transitional party chairman, Abdiqadir Haji Ismail Jirdeh, also criticized the NEC’s ethics committee for failing to do to more to educate political parties about the electoral code of conduct, after Waddani was fined for illegal campaign activities.

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