Kulmiye leader condemns attack on Abdirahman Irro’s house

Kulmiye leader condemns attack on Abdirahman Irro's house

BORAMA – Kulmiye’s presidential candidate, Musa Bihi Abdi, condemned the attack on Abdirahman Irro’s house residence while speaking to Kulmiye supporters in Borama on October 28th, saying that his party ‘will not tolerate’ such actions.

“The youth of Hargeisa have committed an ugly act. We strongly condemn this disgraceful act, and will not tolerate such actions. We are strongly against the attack on the residence of Waddani’s leader. We know our supporters to be peaceful supporters,” Abdi told the crowd of Kulmiye supporters in Borama.

Waddani’s transitional chairman, Abdiqadir Haji Ismail Jirdeh, also condemned incident on October 28th, and stopped short of blaming Abdi and Kulmiye for the attack – stating instead that it was orchestrated by Waddani’s ‘rivals’.

Somaliland’s national police commissioner, Abdullahi Fadal Iman, announced on October 28th, that five youth have been charged for the attack on Irro’s house.

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