SC Chief Justice tells presidential candidates to quit attacking each other and to discuss the issues

HARGEISA – Somaliland’s Supreme Court Chief Justice, Adam Haji Ali, is calling on on the nation’s three presidential candidates to revert to the clean campaigning style that they previously exhibited at the start of the presidential campaign.

Ali weighed in on the nasty campaign battle between Musa Bih Abdi and Abdirahman Irro while speaking at a event in Hargeisa on October 27th.

“The campaign originally started off clean, the candidates were debating on their policies, but it now seems that things are starting to go off track,” Ali said.

“I am calling on all candidates to revert back to following the electoral code of conduct, and to talk about their platform, and why they deserve to be elected,” Ali said.

“The last few days, there has been a lot of public statements consisting of personal attacks. I am sending this message, as it is our national duty, to urge the candidates for the candidates to come back to the proper playing field,” Ali said.

“When we are criticizing each other, during political debates, let’s not give credit to people who don’t deserve it. Within the last couple days I have heard accusations of Somalia funding and backing so and so,” Ali said.

“Somalia hasn’t been able to successfully build peace within the past 25 years. A country that has been struggling to build peace for the last 25 years, shouldn’t be given any credit for interfering in our politics, we shouldn’t criticize each other with such statements,” Ali said.

“The individuals who are being criticized of such accusations, regarding Somalia, are our national leaders. They are not individuals that we fear can change the stance of our country. This statement goes for all candidates,” Ali said.

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Ali also called on the presidential candidates, to change their styles of campaigning, and spend their campaign funds and days on the campaign rails on improving hospitals, education and less fortunate Somalilanders.

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