UCID leader defends DP World agreement and Somaliland’s rep to UAE in Berbera campaign speech

BERBERA – UCID leader, Faisal Ali Waraabe, voiced his support of the $442 DP World agreement and the work of Somaliland’s representative to the UAE, Bashe Awil Haji Omar, while campaigning in Berbera last Thursday (Nov 2).

“Somaliland’s representative to the UAE, Bashe, brought DP World for us, when the company was interested in investing in Bossaso, is being attacked by many people and is being accused of corruption,” Waraabe said

“Look at all the positives he has done for us, he opened a representative for us and brought investment from the UAE for us, despite our unrecognized status, we should defend those who have done good for us,” Waraabe said

“Those who used to live off illegal profits from the port shouldn’t trick you with their statements. The port will be expanded and upgraded, we are currently entering the first phase. The second phase of it’s expansion will follow. The Berbera free zone project will also be officially launched soon,” Waraabe said

“When I am elected President, I will complete these projects for you all, God Willing,” Waraabe concluded at the end of his speech.

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