Alohilani resort unveils Oahu’s first adults-only suites: a blend of luxury and sustainability

Alohilani resort unveils Oahu's first adults-only suites: a blend of luxury and sustainability

Just in time for summer, a stunning new hotel is getting ready to welcome guests on the pristine shores of Oahu. Promising a luxurious vacation experience crafted specifically for adults, this tropical gem is eager to make its debut on June 1, 2021. Let’s explore what awaits travelers who choose to unpack their suitcases at this magnificent retreat.

Oahu’s first adults-only hotel

Immersed in the heart of Waikiki, the hotel christened as ‘Alohilani Resort will soon be unveiling an innovative accommodation option: Serene Suites, Oahu’s first adults-only hotel. Crafted with tranquillity and relaxation as its core element, the Serene Suites are anticipated to offer a unique experience with high-end services and amenities.

Alohilani Resort is a beacon for travellers seeking a stylish, yet immersive Hawaiian experience. With the creation of these adults-only suites, it aims to cater to tourists who wish to partake in the vibrant island culture by day, and wind down amidst serene settings by night. Occupying seven floors of the existing resort, the Serene Suites include King and Queen options that provide breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the magnificent Diamond Head crater, not to mention their exclusive lounge and pool access.

Exquisite dining options

Dining at Alohilani comes with its own set of delightful surprises. Whether you decide to dine at the Morimoto Asia led by Iron Chef Morimoto, or sip soirée cocktails at the O Bar overlooking the resort’s Oceanarium, you will be treated to a top-notch gastronomic experience at this resort. Alohilani’s dining establishments successfully bring together local flavours with international cuisine, resulting in a fine-dining experience that’s exotic yet familiar.

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Innovative amenities offering sustainable hospitality

One of the standout elements of these adults-only accommodations is the focus on sustainability. Alohilani Resort has incorporated responsible practices into the services they offer, highlighting their commitment to preserving Hawaii’s vibrant natural and cultural heritage for generations to come. A great example of their sustainable initiatives is their partnership with the ‘Long Live the Beach’ initiative, a conservation project that has led to the plantation of 100,000 indigenous trees and counting.

Amenities-wise, the Serene Suites in Alohilani Resort don’t disappoint. Along with personalised concierge services, these suites offer wellness amenities such as access to Island Club and Spa, one of Oahu’s premier fitness centers. Guests can also enjoy private yoga sessions and rooftop tennis, further enhancing their resort experience.

Soon to steal the limelight, Oahu’s first adults-only hotel, within the Alohilani Resort, is preparing to welcome its guests in June 2021. Catering to mature travellers seeking a tranquil getaway amidst the Hawaiian Islands, the adults-only Serene Suites are consciously designed with sustainability in mind, ensuring the best of luxury without compromising on their ecological footprint. Our planet needs us now, more than ever, and every small step towards sustainability is a leap in the right direction. So consider making your next vacation a sustainable one, without compromising on the lustre of luxury. In embracing sustainable practices, not only do we ensure our future trips to such paradisiacal destinations, but we also contribute to preserving the world for future generations to explore and indulge in.

As we anticipate the opening of Oahu’s first adults-only Serene Suites, pack your bags and get ready to explore the vibrant landscapes of Hawaii. Unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise, from the enchanting marine life to the forest-covered mountain peaks, all while basking in the tranquility and luxury that’s uniquely Hawaiian.

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