Attracting hummingbirds: best dahlia varieties for your garden

Attracting hummingbirds: best dahlia varieties for your garden

There’s something magical about having hummingbirds visit your garden, their beautiful iridescent feathers flashing in the sunlight while they flit from flower to flower. Dahlias, with their vibrant colors and lush petals, have long been known to attract these fascinating creatures. But did you know that certain dahlia varieties are particularly beloved by hummingbirds? Let’s delve into the world of dahlias and hummingbirds, and explore some varieties that could transform your garden into a hummingbird haven.

The allure of dahlias

Dahlias are a garden’s best friend. Their wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors makes them a versatile choice for any landscape design. More than just their striking appearance, dahlias are known for their distinctive, sweet scent, which serves as a potent lure for pollinators, including hummingbirds.

These stunning flowers bloom from midsummer through fall, providing delightful bursts of color when many other plants have finished their show. Furthermore, dahlias are resilient and hardy, often thriving under conditions where others might falter. With the right care and attention, dahlias will reward the gardener with a generous display of blooms year after year.

Dahlia varieties that attract hummingbirds

While all dahlias have the potential to attract hummingbirds, certain varieties seem to be more irresistible than others. Let’s take a look at some options:

‘Bishop of Llandaff’

This popular cultivar, with its rich, red blooms and dark, finely-cut foliage, is said to be a favourite with hummingbirds. Each flower is made up of multiple petal layers, creating a full and vibrant display that’s sure to catch the eye of any passing hummingbird.

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‘Fascination’ is another variety that hummingbirds seem to adore. Its delicate lavender blooms are a warm and inviting sight in any garden, and its compact size makes it a great option for smaller spaces.


True to its name, the ‘Diva’ dahlia boasts large, hot pink blooms that are as eye-catching to humans as they are to hummingbirds. Its sturdy stems and impressive flower size also make it an excellent cut flower.

Each of these dahlias offers something unique to the garden, from diverse colors and shapes to varying growth habits. It’s always a pleasant sight to watch hummingbirds as they feed from one bright bloom to the next. By featuring these dahlia varieties in your garden, you’ll not only create an appealing landscape but also contribute to bird conservation in a meaningful way.

Gardening involves more than just planting and harvesting. It’s about fostering a connection with nature, promoting ecological health, and creating spaces that bring joy and inspiration. As we attract hummingbirds to our gardens, we’re participating in an exchange that benefits both us and the environment – a tangible reminder of the beauty of coexistence and the importance of biodiversity in our world. So go ahead and plant those dahlias. Create that hummingbird haven, and enjoy the beauty of nature at its most vibrant.

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