Cheryl Nicholson takes the helm as Senior Vice President of Advisor Services at Travel Edge

Cheryl Nicholson takes the helm as Senior Vice President of Advisor Services at Travel Edge

Travel Edge, a prominent luxury travel industry network with a global reach, has recently made a significant announcement regarding its leadership. Cheryl Nicholson has been appointed as the new Senior Vice President of the network’s Advisor Services and program implementation within the United States and Canada.

Details about the new senior vice president

Cheryl Nicholson, a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience, has recently been named the Senior Vice President of Advisor Services at Travel Edge. The network has over 750 advisors working across the globe. Nicholson’s prime responsibilities will range from monitoring company strategies to interacting with the advisors and ensuring their success.

Before coming to Travel Edge, Nicholson worked as the Executive Vice President of leisure at Worldview Travel, and she was also Vice President at BCD Travel. Her invaluable experience, being on both sides of the advisor-supplier relationship, makes her a perfect fit for her new role at Travel Edge.

Travel agents’ reactions and the company’s objectives

Travel Edge advisors, on hearing the news of Nicholson’s appointment, have expressed positive sentiments. They believe that her leadership and extensive experience will bring an array of developments to the company’s strategy, which will not only ensure their success but also elevate clientele’s overall travel experience.

Travel Edge network aims to enhance the advisors’ prospective travel details and provide enriching experiences for clientele, thus making the client-advisor relationship fruitful and beneficial for both. With Nicholson at the helm of their services, Travel Edge is confident that they will innovate and experience continued success in the luxury travel market.

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The recent inclusion of Cheryl Nicholson in Travel Edge’s leadership is a testament to the continuous efforts of the network to improve its footing in the luxury travel market. By appointing Nicholson, who boasts a wealth of experience in the travel industry, the network has surely fortified its commitment to the success of its travel advisor program. Following Nicholson’s leadership, Travel Edge is joyfully looking forward to a future where it can offer exemplary services and experiences to its advisors as well as its clientele.

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