Contiki launches nine new immersive trips offering adventure and cultural immersion globally

Contiki launches nine new immersive trips offering adventure and cultural immersion globally

Exploring new destinations, delving into unique cultures, and embarking on exciting adventures has always been the crux of travel. The art of travelling is ever-evolving, and as strands of the modern world meld seamlessly into ancient civilizations, we are introduced to a kaleidoscope of experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Recently, Contiki, a renowned travel company, has taken a leap further by launching nine new immersive trips worldwide. These deeply engaging travel experiences have been designed with the young and adventurous at heart, promising new ways to explore the world.

Contiki’s new immersive trips

The newly launched nine trips by Contiki span across different continents, from Europe to South America, promising a wholesome globetrotting experience. For those seeking to explore the beautiful terrains of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, Contiki offers a new 11-day trip named “Eastern Rocker” round trip starting from Berlin. The journey vividly encompasses the essence of these regions with activities like an exclusive visit to the factory of the Swiss chocolate brand, Frey, to scenic cycling tours in Vienna, clinching the true spirit of these idyllic European havens.

Another noteworthy addition is the “Inca Panorama” trip. This 11-day experience covers the subtropical Amazon to the incandescent ambiance of Machu Picchu, exploring local markets and learning about ancient Peruvian cultures along the way. This trip not only provides a unique cultural immersion experience but also gives travellers an opportunity to connect with the local communities.

Journeys Off the beaten path

Branching out from typical travel routes, Contiki’s new trips promise journeys that take you away from the usual. Users can expect to venture into the wilderness and explore remote locations. For example, the 12-day “Adriatic Unearthed” trip kickstarting from Rome will take you through hidden gems of Croatia and Slovenia before ending in Venice.

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For the adventure seekers, the “Viva Costa Rica” trip offers a myriad of adventures such as white water rafting in the Savegre River, exploring the cloud forests of Monteverde, zip-lining in the rainforest and visiting the indigenous Bri Bri community. It’s a trip that fuses thrill with cultural interaction, ensuring that travellers get an authentic taste of the local life.

As we begin to travel again, it becomes essential to choose experiences that not only offer adventure but also provide insights into the cultures and lifestyles of the regions we visit. Contiki’s new trips promise just that – a blend of adventure and cultural immersion that leaves travelers enriched and longing for more.

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