Discover Costa Rica’s first-ever family summer camp at Las Catalinas: a blend of adventure and sustainable living

Discover Costa Rica's first-ever family summer camp at Las Catalinas: a blend of adventure and sustainable living

Although I’ve been fortunate enough to explore stunning destinations across the globe, Costa Rica’s Las Catalinas stands out as a standout oasis that astounds at every turn. Spanning over 1200 tropical acres, this picturesque town offers a myriad of enticing attractions for all family members. Now, there’s another irresistible reason to visit this slice of paradise – their brand-new first-ever Family Summer Camp.

A unique blend of adventure and learning

This family-oriented summer camp immerses attendees in an array of thrilling and interactive activities. From exciting water sports such as snorkeling and standup paddleboarding to exhilarating hikes up lush mountains, this program offers a perfect blend of learning and adventure.

In addition to these active pursuits, the camp also orchestrates immersive experiences which promote knowledge of the local culture and the abundant wildlife. With a dedicated team of passionate and experienced guides, every family is guaranteed an informative and enjoyable experience.

Fostering sustainable practices and community connections

Playing true to its commitment to the environment, Las Catalinas family summer camp is designed to foster a deep appreciation for nature and sustainable practices among participants. Activities like beach cleanups not only encourage an understanding of the importance of conserving our oceans but also nurture a collective responsibility towards the environment.

What truly sets this summer camp apart is the opportunity it provides for attendees to connect and interact with the vibrant local community. Events such as shared meals and storytelling sessions with the Catalinians allow families to delve into the rich tapestry of traditions and customs that give this town its unique charm.

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Sustainable accommodation options

While you’re soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking views that Las Catalinas has to offer, you can also enjoy the tranquillity achieved by staying at their eco-conscious accommodations. From terracotta-roofed beachfront villas to elegant hillside apartments, these sustainable lodging choices are a testament to Las Catalinas’ commitment to environmental preservation.

In essence, the Family Summer Camp at Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, presents a novel vacation concept that expertly marries education with entertainment, within a setting that is naturally beautiful and environmentally responsible. It is a chance to explore and learn together as a family, fostering stronger bonds, creating unforgettable memories, and igniting a shared love for travel and exploration. With its emphasis on sustainability and cultural immersion, this camp successfully encapsulates the ethos of meaningful travel. So, if you’re yearning to embark on an enriching journey that aligns with your values, this summer camp experience is an excellent choice.

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