Discover essential laundry tips from HGTV stars

Discover essential laundry tips from HGTV stars

Laundry. We all have to do it, whether we like it or not. It’s one of those household chores that feels never-ending and though it’s a simple task on the surface, it can be daunting tackling stubborn stains or handling delicate fabrics. Today, I want to share some top tips and tricks from those in the know – stars from the TV network HGTV. Following their advice, you’ll be navigating your laundry room with new confidence – washing, drying, and folding like never before!

Understanding the basics

A key part of any successful laundry process starts with understanding the basics. According to HGTV stars, sorting your laundry isn’t just about separating whites and colors. They recommend further sorting by fabric type and washing similar fabrics together to maintain the quality of your clothes. Also, setting the correct temperature for washing and drying is crucial. Warm water can help to expel tough stains, but too much heat can be harmful to certain fabric types, causing them to shrink or warp.

Overloading isn’t a good idea

It might be tempting to cram as much as you can into the machine to save time but the stars caution against overloading your washer. Clothes need space to move around for an effective clean. Over crowding can lead to clothes not being properly washed and can put additional strain on the machine.

Utilizing eco-friendly practices

Beyond efficient cleaning techniques, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact our laundry habits can have. One eco-friendly practice recommended by the HGTV stars is laundering in cold water. This not only conserves energy by avoiding heating up the water but, for most loads, it can also be as effective as using hot water.

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Natural stain removers

Another practice is the use of natural stain removers. Instead of reaching for harsh chemical-rich stain removers, the stars suggest using a mix of baking soda and water for most stains or a vinegar and water solution for harder stains.

Embrace innovative tools and techniques

Laundry day doesn’t always have to be a chore. By embracing some of the latest technological advancements and innovative techniques, it can become quite effortless. HGTV stars are known to be huge fans of dryer balls. These reusable devices help reduce drying time, save energy and curb static cling.

Folding secrets

Once your clothes are perfectly clean and dry, the challenge of folding awaits. To make this task a breeze, the HGTV stars suggest using a template for folding t-shirts and towels. A simple piece of cardboard could be the difference between loving or loathing laundry day!

Through understanding basics, adopting sustainable habits, and embracing innovative tools, the task of laundry can become a breeze. And remember, it’s not just about having clean clothes. It’s also about ensuring longevity of your wardrobe, promoting healthier living spaces, and contributing to the well-being of our planet.

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