Hilton Times Square rolls out exclusive Broadway package featuring Ben Platt

Hilton Times Square rolls out exclusive Broadway package featuring Ben Platt

Experience a Broadway show in an exclusive package

If you’ve ever dreamt of the bright lights of Broadway, consider this your standing invitation. To celebrate the premiere of the new show featuring actor and singer Ben Platt, The Hilton Times Square has unveiled a unique package. This exclusive experience brings together the luxury of Hilton’s comfort, topped with the icing of Broadway’s magic, all packed into one fantastic journey for you.

The package isn’t just about watching a Broadway show; it’s about immersing oneself in it – virtually and in reality. The world of Broadway opens its doors with this unique package, availing you access to behind-the-scenes features and virtual meet-and-greets with the star itself – Ben Platt. This show-stopping, vibrant, and heartwarming extravaganza is something you won’t want to miss!

Unexpected perks and pleasures in Hilton’s package

While the main highlight of this package is entry to Platt’s acclaimed show, the perks of this offer extend beyond the theatre doors. Along with the Broadway experience, this package also encompasses Hilton’s deluxe accommodations. Expect a fantastic room with a beautiful view and the chance to enjoy Hilton’s top-notch hospitality and services.

Offered exclusively to Hilton Honors members, this package comes with more rewards than meets the eye. Not only do you get to enjoy extravagant Broadway performances, but you also earn bonus points applicable to future stays at Hilton properties, return airfare offers, car rentals, dining, and more.

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Plan your trip with wonder and convenience

One of the unique selling propositions of this offer is the seamless blend of extravagant enjoyment and easy planning. This package comes with a special concierge service that ensures every minute detail of your trip and show experience is handled with perfection. This way, you spend less time worrying about logistics and more time immersing yourself in the world of Broadway.

Another major convenience is the hotel’s proximity to the Broadway theatre. Just a heartbeat away from the theatre district, Hilton Times Square ensures a hassle-free commute to your much-anticipated show. Also, by basing your stay here, you automatically place yourself in the heart of the city, close to Times Square’s vibrant city life, opening opportunities to explore the city in its fullest glory.

If Broadway feels like an unattainable dream, this offer serves as the perfect antidote to your worries. With Hilton on one hand giving you the perfect stay and Broadway on the other taking you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, that dream might just be within arms reach now.

So, get ready to take a bow, step into the limelight and experience Broadway – the Hilton Way. As Ben Platt on Broadway and Hilton Times Square jointly roll the red carpet for you, your unforgettable journey awaits!

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