Join Candice Middleton for an unforgettable voyage with Star Clippers.

Join Candice Middleton for an unforgettable voyage with Star Clippers.

A new cruise adventure with Candice Middleton on Star Clippers

Have you ever yearned for a journey as awe-inspiring as the ocean itself? There’s no experience quite like embarking on an elegant tall ship, allowing the rhythm of the waves to carry you to distant lands bustling with culture and charm. Well, prepare for even more memorable voyages with Star Clippers, as they welcome the exciting addition of Candice Middleton to their team.

Candice Middleton, a revered figure in the travel industry with over 15 years of experience, has recently joined Star Clippers as their new director of national accounts and business development in North America. Having previously worked in formidable travel companies such as Expedia Cruises and Celebrity Cruises, Middleton is armed with in-depth knowledge and expertise in cruise travel. Combining her passion and proficiency, she’s all geared to steer Star Clippers to newer horizons.

Sailing towards an exciting future with Star Clippers

The appointment of Middleton heralds an exciting chapter for Star Clippers and their passengers. She aims to employ her extensive knowledge of the industry to enhance the company’s relationships with current partners and expand its customer base. Middleton’s dedication towards creating enriching and unique experiences aligns perfectly with Star Clippers’ own mission – to provide their guests with life-changing travel experiences.

Star Clippers specialize in sail-powered cruise vacations, operating an ‘enchanting’ fleet of three authentic tall sailing ships. Their cruises promise an intimate and personalized experience, allowing guests to revel in the majestic beauty of the world while basking in the luxury of a classic tall ship.

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Impacting sustainable travel practices

For all of us keeping sustainability at the forefront, Star Clippers have a strong commitment to eco-friendly initiatives. They are well-known for developing innovative, environmentally conscious practices on and off their ships. The addition of Middleton to their team reinforces this commitment, ensuring that your journey is not only an adventure, but also a testament to responsible and respectful travel.

You can look forward to your next cruise adventure with the peace of mind that your voyage is being guided, not only by the wind in the impressive sails of Star Clippers, but also by the skill and stewardship of a determined and devoted team, with Middleton leading the charge.

As travel slowly returns to a post-pandemic world, we find ourselves yearning for new beginnings and adventures. And with Middleton’s appointment, a sailing trip aboard Star Clippers offers just that – a new beginning, a new adventure that not only connects us with the world’s magnificent oceans but with ourselves as well. So, let’s set sail on this exciting journey together, exploring the world’s hidden gems while embracing sustainability, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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