Maximize space and style – secrets to installing shelves above windows

Maximize space and style - secrets to installing shelves above windows

When it comes to maximizing your indoor spaces, solutions are everywhere. They could be hiding in plain sight, waiting to be discovered with a hint of creativity and a dash of courage. One of those is the unconventional storage idea of adding shelves above your windows. Yes, you’ve read it right – above your windows! Let me explain you why and how.

Reasons to consider storage shelves above windows

First off, let’s tackle why you should give this a serious thought. It comes down to two main factors – maximizing space and improving aesthetics. Spaces above windows are often overlooked, unused, or allowed to collect dust. Adding shelves here provides a solution to these forgotten areas while creating a unifying look across your wall. Not only will this utilize empty space, but it would also provide a spot to showcase your treasured items.

Process of installing shelves above windows

Before we dive into the instructions, remember to have a clear plan. Measure accurately and always take note of the window trim. You wouldn’t want shelves sticking out awkwardly or looking ill-fitted.

Choosing your shelf material

Start by choosing the material for your shelves. Wood would be a great choice for its timeless appeal and sturdiness. Or, for the more eco-conscious souls, consider reclaimed wood. It provides a unique design element while remaining friendly to the Earth.

Measuring and marking

Your next action step is measuring the space above your window and marking the ideal spot for your shelf. Always err on the side of leaving a little more space than you think you need – it’s better to be safe than sorry here! Make sure your marks are level for an even shelf.

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The last part is installation. Start by aligning your shelf brackets with the markings you made. Use drywall anchors to secure the brackets, then place your shelf on top, securing it to the brackets.

Adding a personal touch

Once the shelf is installed, the creative fun begins. Make the most of this new space by adding small plants, cherished photographs, or other significant mementos. You can also consider spicing up the location by adding a strip of LED lights underneath the shelf. This not only adds a unique touch but can also provide a soft, indirect light at night, adding to the overall ambiance of the room.

In a world where sustainable practices are increasingly important, innovations such as using unused space are not only smart but necessary. With this new use of space, not only can you display precious keepsakes, but you also promote sustainability by reducing the need for buying additional bulky furniture for storage. I hope this article encourages you to see your home in a new light. There will always be unexplored spaces waiting for a creative touch like yours.

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