Maximizing your small garden: smart design techniques for a bigger outdoors look

Maximizing your small garden: smart design techniques for a bigger outdoors look

In today’s urban living, outdoor garden spaces are often small and limited. But don’t be disheartened! With a few strategic design interventions, you can make your outdoor garden space look feel considerably larger. Below, we will delve into various techniques and smart designs that can work wonders.

Mirroring and reflective surfaces

Using mirrors and other reflective surfaces smartly can help create an illusion of a much larger space. Positioning a large mirror on the garden wall facing the greenery can replicate the image and thus, double up the scenery. However, keep in mind that this technique is a bit like an art – it needs to be perfectly balanced. An overly done reflective surface may instead make the space look cluttered.

Right plant selection

Choosing the right plants can also create a significant difference in how big or small your garden feels. For a smaller space, opt for plants that grow up, rather than out. Bamboo, clematis, passionflower and climbing roses make great choices. They add height without taking too much floor space. Remember, the goal is to add depth and draw eyes upward.

Layer your planting

Another smart planting strategy is layering. The idea is to plant taller shrubs in the back, mid-sized in the middle, and smaller ones in the front. This tiered approach creates a sense of depth and abundance.

Use colour to your advantage

Having a colour strategy can also play a key role in making a smaller garden feel larger. Light colours reflect light and make the space seem larger. Opt for flowers and plants in shades of white, yellow or pale pink. You can also paint a wall or fence in a light colour to brighten the area and give an illusion of expansive space.

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Opt for multipurpose furniture

Another excellent way to maximise space and make your garden seem bigger is by opting for multipurpose furniture. Look for furniture that can have dual purposes like a chair that can also be a storage box or a table that can function as a planter. This will help keep the area decluttered, contributing significantly to the illusion of space.

Overall, transforming a small garden into a larger looking outdoor area is all about smart design interventions and strategic selection. It’s about making the most of what you have by looking at efficient use of space, choosing the right plants and colours, and incorporating multifunctional elements. With these techniques, you can create a green oasis right in your backyard, no matter the size.

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