Qt hotels & resorts set to revolutionize Singapore’s hospitality scene with sustainable luxury in 2024

Qt hotels & resorts set to revolutionize Singapore's hospitality scene with sustainable luxury in 2024

Excelling in the art of hospitality, QT Hotels & Resorts is a trendsetter in boutique hotel accommodation across Australia and New Zealand. This beloved brand is set to expand its horizons with its first venture in Asia as it plans to step foot in Singapore. Not just a usual feat, the arrival of QT Hotels in Singapore’s hospitality industry is a significant milestone in its history.

Exciting addition to Singapore’s hospitality industry

Recognized for their unique and intriguing accommodation options, QT Hotels & Resorts are coming to Singapore in September 2024. The brand is famous for its design-led hotels featuring bold and unique interiors. The Australian hotel brand is planning to launch its first property in the heart of Asia and Singapore is the chosen destination. To be precise, it would be at 30 Maxwell Road, a nine-story heritage building. The building, a classic neo-Renaissance structure dating back to 1928, will undergo a transformation to house Singapore’s QT Hotel.

So, why Singapore? The dynamic city, renowned for its confluence of cultures and love for both tradition and innovation, perfectly aligns with the essence of QT Hotels and Resorts. Their hotels are a blend of design, art, luxury, and a signature quirk, which would be well-received in a city that appreciates variety and creativity.

Unveiling of QT’s unique differentiator

The most exciting feature that sets QT Hotels & Resorts apart from other hospitality brands is their innovative drugstore-style amenity bars. These are designed to provide guests with a personalized experience during their stay. At these amenity bars, guests can fill reusable glass bottles with toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This aspect significantly supports ethical tourism, aligning well with Singapore’s vision of sustainability.

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The Singapore venue of QT is also planned with a rooftop pool and bar, offering a stunning view of the city’s skyline. Another unique proposition the hotel brings to the table is its focus on local cuisine. QT’s food and beverage offerings will be deeply rooted in Singaporean dietary preferences and local flavors.

QT Hotels & Resorts is truly a trendsetter in the hospitality industry, syncing both style and ethical values. Its entry into Singapore is bound to create a new wave of luxurious, fun, and sustainable hospitality that would cater to both local residents and global travelers. The prospect of September 2024 certainly looks thrilling with the inception of this bewitching structure ready to redefine Singapore’s hospitality landscape.

As we eagerly anticipate the opening of the first Asian outpost of QT Hotels & Resorts, the expectations are sky-high. We are thrilled to see how this venture infuses Singapore’s hospitality industry with new vigor and flair. This bold move by the Australian brand supports the global trend of sustainable tourism, creating a refreshing footprint in the hospitality industry. Embrace this journey of discovery as we await the breathtaking and indulging experiences QT Hotels & Resorts are set to offer in Singapore.

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