Redefining summer travel: trending destinations and emerging trends for 2021

Redefining summer travel: trending destinations and emerging trends for 2021

Summer is a time of year often associated with long-awaited vacations and memorable travel experiences. According to the data presented by Vacasa, a leading full-service vacation rental managing company, travel trends for this season are shaping up in unexpected ways. Despite the lingering effects of the pandemic, this summer is showing signs of a roaring return to the world of travel. As your guide through these changes, I’d like to delve deeper into these findings and illustrate how they can inform your travel plans for what promises to be an exceptional season.

Trending destinations for the adventurous traveler

A noticeable shift in location preference is one of the major travel trends emerging for this summer. According to Vacasa’s data, travelers are now gravitating towards lesser-known locations, veering away from the traditional hotspots. If you’re an adventurous traveler like myself, this opens up a whole new world of unexplored territories and untouched landscapes.

For instance, remote areas of Idaho like Coeur D’Alene and West Yellowstone top the list of trending destinations, replacing usually popular summer haunts like Florida and Hawaii. These destinations, with their sprawling wilderness, wildlife, and outdoor adventure opportunities, promise a unique travel experience that brings you closer to nature while respecting local ecosystems.

Mountain properties and outdoor pursuits are gaining popularity

In line with the shift towards less-trodden paths, there’s also a clear trend emerging in the type of holiday rentals in demand. Data suggests that mountain properties located near national parks are gaining popularity amongst the travel community, reflecting a larger preference for immersion in natural settings and outdoor pursuits.

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Indeed, summer travel plans are becoming synonymous with hiking, fishing, and other activities that allow for distancing while also benefiting from the rejuvenating power of nature. This shift could have been motivated by the need to escape the confinement felt during the lockdown, but it also aligns perfectly with sustainable travel practices that promote minimal environmental footprints.

Properties providing guests with the means to be self-reliant, like homes with BBQ grills and private pools, are also seeing an increase in demand. This desire for self-contained accommodations further signals a growing trend for privatized leisure that balances safety with the liberty to explore and enjoy summer activities at one’s own pace.

The rise of last-minute bookings

Vacasa also reports a growing preference for last-minute bookings, with around 40% of the summer bookings being made between 15 to 30 days prior to the check-in date. This trend perhaps acknowledges the current travel climate where certainty is rare, but the thirst for adventure remains undiminished.

As we navigate through the summer travel season, adopting a flexible approach to our travel plans while embracing new experiences and places may be the silver lining of this unique period in our travel history. As the summer unfolds, it’s exciting to imagine that we’ll not only resume our past adventures but create new ones that may redefine how we explore the world.

As we aim to travel responsibly and respectfully, embracing these shifts, we open ourselves up to authentic connections with new places and our natural environment. Remember, every trip we take holds an opportunity for us to contribute positively to the preservation of our planet and its diverse cultures. So, pack your bags and get ready for enriching summer explorations that promise as much delight as they do discovery.

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